Rat-Safe Solutions

Keep your building safe from rats

Rats are one of the biggest challenges for the sewer system. They gnaw their way into the sewers, build nests, and have pups. They are well and safe in the sewers but if they gain access to your home they'll wreak havoc, spreading bacteria and disease.

A sure way to keep the rats out is with rat-safe stainless steel piping. Plastic or concrete piping allows rats gnaw their way through - resulting in a costly affair to dig up and re-establish the pipe system from scratch.


Stainless steel keeps rats out of your building

Avoid inviting rats into your home by following the three simple guidelines:

  • Use stainless steel pipes or other rat-safe pipes in new building or renovation
  • Make sure drain and water trap are made from stainless steel
  • Chose a grating in stainless steel that can be screwed to the drain

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Be careful with use of rat blockers

A rat blocker is a device that is either installed in the pipeline or as part of it. The idea of a rat blocker is that water can pass through, but the rat cannot. As helpful as it is, rat blockers may cause other problems, such as reduction of the water supply which affects the sewers' self-cleaning abilities or even congestion.

Our rat stop is a wide expansion of the pipeline and can be used for vertical drainage pipes. The rat stop prevents the rat from moving upwards in the pipe by leaning against the pipe wall.

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