Hygienic Solutions for Food Processing

When food safety is top of mind, HygienicPro® and HygienicClean are here to help overcome hygienic challenges associated with efficient drainage for food production.

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BLÜCHER® HygienicPro

Our high-capacity point and linear drainage systems provide efficient flow and prohibit bacterial growth while limiting water volume and production downtime.

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BLÜCHER® HygienicClean™

Our hygienic channel and grating washer for the drainage system saves time and water by cleaning both the channel and grating at the same time.

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HygienicPro – Cleaner. Better.

Hygienic design of machinery and facilities is an important tool for guaranteeing the safety of food products.

HygienicPro® Saves Water and Money

Imagine using only 1/30 the amount of the water you are using today emptying your drainage. HygienicPro® is the perfect solution as it uses a minimum of water.


New technology: BLÜCHER introduces HygienicClean™, which cleans both channel and grating at the same time.

Madtree Brewing

Learn how Madtree Brewing's saved 90% of cleaning water and labor costs per year.

EHEDG member & HACCP certified

BLÜCHER is the first drainage system manufacturer to hold both EHEDG membership and HACCP certification.

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