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BLÜCHER Channels and Drains: Compliance with NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1-Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment.

BLÜCHER Drain is a comprehensive product line covering residential shower and light to heavy-duty drains for all floor types. With a range of features including decorative grates, height adjustment, rotation, tilt and a removable water trap, our products are designed for easy installation.

Our Commercial/Industrial floor drains are uniquely constructed to meet the strictest sanitary and hygienic requirements:

  • No burrs or sharp edges
  • No corners or cavities inside the drain
  • Hygienic backfilled frame edge
  • Gratings available for any load class
  • Sediment basket and sand bucket to catch debris


BLÜCHER Drain products exhibit excellent hygienic properties with smooth surfaces that prevent bacterial growth and blockages. These features combined with easy maintenance and superior durability make BLÜCHER Drain the preferred choice in hospital, school, airport and other commercial projects around the world.


The food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries particularly value the hygienic and sustainable BLÜCHER Drain solution. Stainless steel requires a minimum amount of maintenance while offering maximum longevity. The AISI 316L steel in BLÜCHER drains provides a durable solution for the chemical industry. This long product life ensures a cost-effective installation.


A special set of BLÜCHER Drain products are available for maritime use. Shipyards and owners all over the world value BLÜCHER longevity, low weight and fire-resistant properties making BLÜCHER Drain the hygienic and reliable solution for their sanitary discharge.


BLÜCHER Channel Drain represents a wide range of design grates for the visible drainage in bathrooms ranging from elegant shower channels to classical square drains. BLÜCHER floor drains are used in Scandinavian-style wet-bathrooms, toilets, washrooms and basements the world over.