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BLÜCHER Channel represents a wide range of trench drain and kitchen channel products, delivered from stock, or customized according to a customer's specifications.

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BLÜCHER Drain is a comprehensive product line covering residential shower and light to heavy-duty drains for all floor types. With a range of features including decorative grates, height adjustment, rotation, tilt and a removable water trap, our products are designed for easy installation.

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BLÜCHER has the most extensive range of stainless steel drainage pipes and fittings. These pipes can be used above as well as below ground. With their large flow capacity, low weight and a minimum need for brackets, stainless steel pipes save real time in the installation process.

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Stainless steel is almost maintenance-free, is 100% recyclable and is an attractive raw material for new steel. In a word, the very definition of sustainability.

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Custom Solutions

At BLÜCHER our standard product line is always supplemented by a range of customized drainage items and solutions that provide you, the customer, a palette of choice.

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