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Industrial Applications Demand Durable Drainage Systems

BLÜCHER stainless steel drainage systems are the proven choice in food factories, the beverage industry, pharmaceutical and chemical plants the world over. In the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, for example, BLÜCHER provides safe drainage solutions removing water from production areas, laboratories, utility rooms, kitchens and changing rooms.

Broad Ranging Product Line

BLÜCHER  offers a wide range of floor drains, channels and pipes as standard or customized products. Every care has been taken to develop products requiring a minimum of maintenance while still offering excellent hygienic properties and high flow capacities. For instance, BL√úCHER's removable water trap provides easy access for cleaning and inspection.

Specifically Suitable

BLÜCHER offers a complete drainage system. The modular product lines provide numerous possible combinations and a solution to any drainage project. Specifically suitable for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry are clean room floor drains with gas-tight cover, flushing-rim drains, dual-contained drains, pipes and channels.

Industry Requirements Expertly Fulfilled

The outlet of BLÜCHER drains connects directly to our piping system, giving customers a complete solution. Our reliable push-fit system can be used for process water & rainwater, soil & waste and laboratory waste applications.