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BLÜCHER Channels and Drains: Compliance with NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1-Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment.

BLÜCHER Channel represents a large number of modular drainage channels, delivered from stock or customized according to your specifications. All accessories like gratings, filter baskets and water traps are also part of our standard program.

The BLÜCHER Channel product offering is produced largely from 12 gauge (2mm) stainless steel providing the highest levels of stability and durability. Discharge of liquids at temperatures up to 248°F (122°C) will not degrade the material.

Our channels are widely used in industrial and commercial environments, where smooth surfaces with no sharp edges make maintaining high cleanliness and hygienic standards effortless.  The advantages to our system include:

  • Hygienic frames reinforced with synthetic resin infill
  • No cavity corners inside
  • Perfect surface finish
  • Grating lock system
  • Gratings for any load class


Excellent hygienic properties coupled with surfaces that resist bacterial growth and blockages make BLÜCHER Channel the preferred trench drain and kitchen channels solution for projects around the world. Accessories like removable water traps, filter baskets and HygienicPro gratings ensure easy cleaning and high hygiene. Therefore hospitals, schools, airports, restaurants and other commercial institutions are among our loyal clients.


The food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries value in particular the hygienic and sustainable BLÜCHER Channel solution. Stainless steel requires a minimum of maintenance while offering a maximum of longevity. Long product life ensures a cost-effective installation, and in AISI 316L steel the drains also provide a durable solution for the chemical industry.